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How can I improve the security of Yahoo mail ?

December 10, 2016

From creating a mail account to reading the current news, almost everything is possible in Yahoo. It is a renowned search engine, email service and informative website that offer countless of useful tools for every user on the internet. Yahoo also works extremely hard and spends a hefty amount of money to enhance the safety of user’s account personal info.

Yahoo is known to be the pioneer in mailing services and has introduced two-step verification to add up to the security layer. Basically, every email service wants to become 100% secure. But this goal is unachievable until the users don’t understand their role and take it as an important aspect. It is advised that certain online habits should be adhered and followed in order to improve the protection of the account. Some are listed here.

  1. Keep your account information or login credentials private. Do not share them with anyone, not even your friends and family.
  2. Update your recovery information such as your recovery phone number and email address.
  3. Keep a strong password. Longer passwords are stronger and it should be alphanumeric with mixed uppercase and lowercase letters.
  4. Turn on two-step verification. It might take a little longer time to get into the account when you have turned it on but it will make the login secure and will only let the right user enter.
  5. Check your account’s sign-in activity regularly and look for any unrecognised activity from any unexpected location.
  6. Safely access Yahoo on a shared computer.


But what if the account is already compromised?

If your account is already hacked then you can simply call the Yahoo mail helpdesk US phone number and speak to the experts to take their help in gaining the access of your account back. The team is completely reliable and trustworthy so that you can be comfortable sharing login credentials with them.


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